I work both at Nuffield Hospital Derby and the Derby Private Wing at Royal Derby Hospitals. I have worked in these hospitals over 20 years. 


Nuffield Hospital Derby

Outpatient clinics

This department is headed by Sister Julie Hartley and her team. At this clinic I have facilities to run clinics. There is a treatment room where I am able to perform minor surgery such as banding of piles, removal of infected toe nails and removal of minor lumps. This allows me to see patients post surgery who need theirs wounds checking and dressed.


The wards team are under the supervision of Sister Karen Farrell. When you are booked to come in, you will be met by the ward team and taken into your room. All rooms are single rooms with their own private on suite facilities. There is TV with internet facilities and a selection of menus are available which caters all different patient requirements. There is a permanent resident doctor on site which means that any emergencies you receive medical treatment before your consultant comes to see you. If weather permitting there is a sitting area outside which patient can sit down and get fresh air and walk post-surgery if needed.  


There are three operating theatres at the Nuffield Health Hospital, which is being supervised by Sister Donna King and her team. All theatres are equipped with up to date to allows to undertake surgery safely. There are governance rules which mean that all surgery is performed is constantly being monitored to protect patient safety.

Canteen and parking Facilities

There is a canteen for the use of both patients, their families and staff. Normally lunch is available at a cost. All tea and coffees are supplied free of charge. Free parking is available within the hospital ground. 


Royal Derby Hospital

The outpatient clinic in placed in a separate part of the Royal Derby Hospital. This is a dedicated area where there are clinics and wards. I would see patients in the private wing and if admission for surgery is needed, there are 10 single rooms which has its own on suite facilities with some room with a sitting area as well. As it is part of the NHS hospital, sometimes facilities are shared with NHS patients. The theatre where surgery is performed is shared with the NHS.