What is a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

A flexible Sigmoidoscopy is a procedure where a narrow tube with a camera and a tiny light on one end called an endoscope or scope is entered into the rectum to examine the lower third of the large intestine.

The camera will then show inside the rectum, sigmoid colon and most of descending colon. If necessary a biopsy can be taken through the scope during the exam.

Why would I need a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

An investigation is taken depending on signs and symptoms. This could be from abdominal pains, rectal bleeding, and changes in bowel habits, chronic diarrhea and any other intestinal problems.


Do I go under general or local anaesthetic?

No you will not go under general anaesthetic as this is such a quick procedure; it usually takes around 15 minutes. 

This is usually performed with sedation or under pain killers. The sedation will make you relaxed and occasionally sleepy however does not put you to sleep.

Once you have had the procedure if you have had the sedation you will need someone to drive you home, if you have had painkillers you will be able to carry on your with your day as normal.


What happens after the procedure?

If a biopsy was taken you will be informed this on the day of the procedure and the results will usually take around 2 weeks. 

After your procedure you will be booked into Mr Lingam’s clinic for a follow up appointment, where you results will be discussed.


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